HOW TO BUY BITCOIN Free Bitcoin Wallet and Account Signup
Step 1
After Clicking the Link in your email address to Activate your Signup, then start the App and Login with your email and password. Then press the Menu Icon on the Top Main Bar and press the [SETTINGS] menu selection.

Then press the [BITCOIN PAY] button.

PC App users select the [Balance] Tab under the main menu.
Step 2
A screen will open and then copy the [BITCOIN ADDRESS] and paste or email it to the company or person from where you are buying the €2 Euro worth of Bitcoin. This will allow the Bitcoin to be paid directly to your XTREME-911 Account Balance.

WARNING: you must buy at least the minimumm amount of Bitcoin displayed in the XTREME-911 App's Bitcoin Pay Screen that is shown in the Red [BITCOIN AMOUNT] Box which gives a calculated Bitcoin amount equal to €2 Euro worth of Bitcoin. If you do not pay this full amount, your account will remain locked and you will not be able to send or receive any talk, chat, text or multimedia files from your contacts.

WARNING: Bitcoin fluctuates in value relative to the Euro currency on an hourly basis, so be sure to get the Bitcoin amount from this XTREME-911 App's Bitcoin Pay screen only when you are ready to buy the Bitcoin and pay it directly into this XTREME-911 App immediatly, or the price could change and you might end up just a few pennies short of the €2 Euro XTREME-911 Fee requirement. This would leave your account locked and unable to send or recieve as the full €2 Euro is required only for this first fee payment top up. You can top up your account with any amount after you make the first €2 Euro payment in full. will start letting you pay easily with Bitcoin soon.

Buy Bitcoin easily with credit cards at:

Buy Bitcoin with paypal at:

You will need to create your own account on LOCALBITCOINS.COM but it is very easy and only requires an email address, username and password. Once you have the account then we recommend to buy 2.15 Euro of Bitcoin using Paypal from this user HERE or if you wish any other seller you prefer.
Step 3
Then check your Account Balance by going back into Settings from the Top Bar Menu Icon and locate the [BALANCE] button and press it to see your balance after around 10 or 20 minutes after you paid the Bitcoin in Step 2 above. You should then see your XTREME-911 Account Balance reflect the €2 Euro payment.
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